The ladies of Destiny's Child have been nurturing their solo careers and personal lives away from being a record-breaking, international superstar trio, but for years fans have been begging for them to reunite. November 16 marked 15 years since their last album Destiny Fulfilled, but in recent years there have been murmurs that Destiny's Child may be in talks of a reunion tour.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

However, Kelly Rowland's recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live cleared up a few rumors regarding a reunion. On the show, they took live calls from viewers and one woman asked if there was any truth to the gossip. "No, we haven't talked about it," Kelly said. "We talk about everything else but that."

Elsewhere on the episode, Kelly was subjected to a fire round of questions being asked and answered as quickly as possible. For those who may have thought she and Nelly had a secret romance going on back in 2002 when they released their hit collaboration "Dilemma," Kelly said nothing romantic ever went on. She didn't want to tackle why she was texting through Microsoft Excel in the music video for "Dilemma," but she was more than happy to share her favorite and least favorite Destiny's Child tracks.

"My favorite would have to be anything from the last Destiny Fulfilled album and my least favorite would probably have to be, oh gosh, 'Bug a Boo.' There's like this one part on the bridge where I'm like ugh!" She also revealed what was going through her head that infamous moment when Destiny's Child was performing and Michelle took a tumble down the stairs.