When Kemba Walker signed with the Boston Celtics, fans thought he would be able to deliver some solid playoff performances. In the end, however, Walker underperformed as a member of the Celtics which disappointed many fans. As a result of his play on the court, the Celtics decided to trade him to the Oklahoma City Thunder in a move that freed up some cap space for the Cs. Now, the Thunder have Kemba on their roster and while this could be a huge help to their young core, it would appear as though Kemba could be traded once more.

According to the New York Daily News, it is being reported that the Thunder are looking at an "imminent" trade that would send Walker somewhere else. Over the past couple of years, the Thunder have been accumulating draft picks and a Walker trade would certainly bring more assets to the club.

Kemba Walker

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For now, there is no timeframe on when they would make a trade although it seems likely that it would come before the NBA draft. A trade could also happen right before the season although it will all depend on the market. Most teams could use a starting point guard and Walker definitely fits the bill for some teams.

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Kemba Walker

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