A couple of nights ago, the Brooklyn Nets took on the Boston Celtics at TD Garden in what should have been Kyrie Irving's first return to Boston. The superstar point guard was out with an injury and the Boston fans immediately began to boo Irving. They even chanted "Kyrie Sucks" all while propping up his replacement, Kemba Walker. This afternoon, the Celtics and Nets are in the midst of another matchup this time at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

Based on the clip below, it seems like Nets fans are ready to defend Kyrie's honor. While taking some free throws early in the game, Nets fans gave Walker a nice little welcome as they rained down chants of "Kyrie's Better." The crowd's words didn't really seem to bother him as he ended up making both free throws with ease.

It seems like the Nets and Celtics will be an interesting little rivalry this year as Celtics fans continue to press Kyrie over his decision-making all while Nets fans defend him for the very same reasons. With Irving out of the lineup today, the rivalry is made just a little bit weaker but once he comes back, it will make for some fascinating basketball.