Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons have been rumored to be getting along famously for months now. The Philadelphia 76er was named Rookie of the Year, but that isn't the only trophy Simmons is taking home this year. Jenner appears to be completely taken with Simmons, and the two were spotted together recently at Joe Francis' house in Mexico. Francis, who is most famously known for creating the Girls Gone Wild franchise, also hosted Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

As reported by Daily MailJenner and Simmons were caught laying up together while on vacation. Photos of the two show the new couple completely engaged with each other, as Simmons caresses Jenner's back and legs. The two have been spotted together several times in the last couple months, and it appears as if they're taking it slow but steady. Unlike several of their peers, Jenner and Simmons don't seem to be in a rush to jump the broom. Before she was linked with Simmons, Jenner was allegedly seeing Blake Griffin. Simmons has been connected with several women in the past, including Amber Rose, fitness model Brittany Renner, and women's basketball player Dylan Gonzalez. For a peek at Jenner and Simmons getting cozy, head here