It appears that Ben Simmons will avoid the fabled Kardashian curse. The internet named the legendary curse after blaming the up-and-downs that Kardashian suitors go through on the most famous family in the nation. Earlier this Summer, Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons was spotted getting cozy with Kendall Jenner, and fans of the sports team began to get nervous. 76er fans can rest easy now though, as E! is reporting that Jenner and Simmons are done. 

A source close to the situation told the media outlet that Jenner and Simmons' relationship has cooled down, although the two still text each other. Apparently, there is no reason for the break up as Jenner never thought the two were official in the first place. She is reportedly seeing other people, and most likely didn't see Simmons as anything but a Summertime fling. 

"She always wanted to keep her options open," claimed the source. "She likes Ben but she knew it was more of a summer fling. They both have busy careers and it is what it is. Kendall isn't looking for anything serious. She had fun with Ben, but wasn't ever fully committed or looking for a long-term, exclusive relationship." Well, it's safe to say that no one can blame the fate of the 76ers upcoming season on the Kardashians.