Yesterday, it was reported that Kendall Jenner had once again become the victim of a series of home invasions by a stalker. A 37-year-old man by the name of John Ford managed to scale a mountainside located near Kendall's home and enter her compound, finding himself seated by her pool, then returned the next day to sit on her front porch. The terrifying incident is unfortunately not one of Kendall's first encounters with obsessed fans, and according to tweets posted by the model herself, will not be the last if media outlets such as TMZ continue to share sensitive details about her life. 

In response to a TMZ post containing the link to a report about the stalking incident, Kendall wrote, "and how do you guys think these terrifying people know where my house is? cuz you release not only photos but my location. it is so beyond unsafe. is this not our one ounce of privacy we can get???" Proving that she was well aware of her status and the consequences of leading a life in the public eye, Kendall added," i understand what i’ve signed up for but when you release the exact location to where i live THAT is when you’re putting my life in danger. your home is your safe haven, but for me, cuz of outlets like you, my home is anything BUT. you should be ashamed of yourself."