Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie decided to spend their Monday evening in Los Angeles at the Rams game which turned out to be a total blowout in favor of the Baltimore Ravens. As we reported yesterday, Kendall and Kylie enjoyed a night out at the clubs afterward although it appears as though their time at the game wasn't all that joyous. Typically, when celebrities show up to a game, they are immediately shown on the jumbotron or the big screen, depending on the sport.

In the clip below, you can see that the crowd didn't appreciate Kendall's appearance as she was immediately met with some raucous boos. The noise is pretty overwhelming and you can see she is clearly uncomfortable by all of the negative reactions. When you're part of a family as polarizing as the Kardashian's, something like this is bound to happen.

Sports fans have always been quick to voice their displeasure with the presence of certain people so this shouldn't be all that surprising. Despite this, you can't help but feel bad for Kendall who just wanted to take in a game. Needless to say, she may think twice before heading to the next one.

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