This past week may go down in history as the one where the Kardashians went too far. Kris Jenner, tweeting on Saturday, told her followers to be vigilant and watch her daughter's account: "make sure to watch @KendallJenner’s Twitter on Sunday night to find out what I’m talking about and be prepared to be moved," quoting Gandhi with a hashtag "#bethechange." She even shared a trailer for her daughter's announcement: 

When the time came for what was being billed as a vulnerable, stand-up-for-yourself moment, Kendall simply retweeted the following post from Proactiv, the acne cream company:

Needless to say, people were confused and disappointed (note the solid gold bath tub behind her as such talks about "getting clear"). Many thought it was safe to assume that after the unfortunate (to say the least) Pepsi ad, that Kendall might not keep blending activism and product placement in such a transparent way, but here we are again.