A brand new season of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke is coming out soon and the upcoming installment will include lots of stars such as Snoop Dogg, Matthew McConaughey, Jason Sudeikis, The Muppets, Quincy Jones, Jon Hamm, and even Hailey Baldwin and her BFF Kendall Jenner. 

In the trailer below, we get to see a snippet of Kendall and Hailey's car ride that includes a lie detector test. Kendall starts off by asking Hailey if she likes her hair where her answer "yes" was a pass from the specialist in the back seat. Hailey then asks Kendall:  “Have you ever created a fake Instagram to look at what your ex-boyfriend is doing?” 

Kendall laughs before answering: “You know the answer to this! Yes!” Kendall didn't explain which ex she may be talking about but she's previously been linked to dating Harry Styles, Nick Jonas, Blake Griffin and most recently, Ben Simmons.

Finally, Kendall asks Hailey if her new husband Justin Bieber thinks she's cool where Hailey responds with "of course." Unfortunately, Hailey was caught in a lie as the specialist said that was a false answer. Watch in full below.