On past episodes of her family's reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner has voiced her concern and fears of stalkers. The model has suffered emotional abuse at the hands of a stalker in the past. Court documents obtained by Daily Mail show that a 62-year-old man by the name of Thomas Hummel had been stalking Kendall for months sending her alarming letters. In one letter he writes that Kendall has been in love with him since she the tender age of two, claiming that they met in the post office in 2008, and at Costco in 1998. In another, Hummel states that Kendall is an "internet w**re', who is 'cackling her way through life" says "[her] behavior puerile and self-centered."

Kendall was able to get a restraining order against Hummel, but unfortunately, it seems her stalker related troubles are far from over. 37-year-old  Canadian citizen John Ford has continued to pursue Kendall despite being charged with trespassing in Kendall's gated community and being ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from it all times. Ford was able to enter Kendall's heavily guarded compound by scaling a mountainside located behind the complex, where the security was apparently non-existent. Ford was reportedly first spotted sitting by Kendall's pool, and then sitting on her porch the next day. Security is said to have been unable to capture Ford and he was able to get away before police arrived on the scene. 

TMZ reports that now, security in the gated community has been reinforced, with new guards located along the mountainside Ford scales. Kendall's team is reportedly working towards convincing the D.A. to file felony stalking charges against Ford.