Kylie Jenner recently posted an image on Instagram that saw her embracing her man, Travis Scott, with a caption that read: "baby #2?" The post obviously had people curious if the couple are expecting a second child and deciding to share it with the world unlike the first time they were expecting. If anyone knows the status of Kylie's possible pregnancy it would be her sister, Kendall, who told Ellen Degeneres that she's not pregnant. 

"No, she's not [pregnant]," Kendall told the audience, as seen in the clip below. "I think she was just like, we are looking good and are really into each other and like maybe baby #2 is like gonna happen."

She added: "They're practicing, right? Is that what you call it?" Ellen then asked Kendall just why her sister would post such a caption and Kendall just called her sibling "interesting."

As for the engagement rumors surrounding Kylie and Travis, Kendall was asked head on if the "Coffee Bean" rapper proposed at the Super Bowl. "Not that I know of," she said. "Not that I'm aware of, so if he did, she hasn't told the family yet, but I don't think that that has happened."