Kendal Jenner's outfit last night at the British Fashion Awards gave a great real-world illustration of the classic Lil Wayne line from Tha Carter: "check my swag: I travel like sound, dog." Although she's nothing like gravel and nobody will ever confuse her with Birdman, photos of her look have made the internet-rounds quicker than almost anything else last night and have certainly made waves. See the striking ensemble for yourself. Unfortunately, if you want to buy the dress, you'll have to have your money very right; Julien Macdonald dresses go for about the price of a second-hand Audi.

Another attendee at the awards show last night was the honourable Dutchess of Sussex, also known as Meghan Markle, also known as Briefcase Model #24. She was in attendance to honour, Clare Waight Keller, the designer who made the bespoke wedding dress for her (royal) wedding. Keller, the artistic director at Givenchy, was named the womenswear designer of the year and awarded her trophy by Markle, who said that Keller is "leading on the global stage with vision and creativity" and that "when I met her for the first time 11 months ago I knew we would be working very closely together." Dame Vivienne Westwood also took home the "positive change" award, saying that she plans to stop "climate change and financial crash" by selling clothes and doing interviews with magazines.