This week's episode of Power will feature a cameo appearance by a rapper who many believe is the best artist in the game right now. Kendrick Lamar is set to grace the set of Starz's hit series. Entitled "Happy Birthday," this week's episode will focus on Tariq's first birthday without his sister. Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent sat down with series creator Courtney Kemp, separately, and discussed K. Dot's latest character. 

When asked how long he has wanted to work on Power, Kendrick answered, "It's something that's been in the works for a long time." He continued on to reveal it had been years in the making. "It's been a process, like, wanna say four years. It's been a while." Kendrick also states that he didn't want to play a character that, "people would predict or know." "I want to be something out of the ordinary, but something I connect to," he explains. "Drug abuser, Laces. A hot head. A dude that's just ready to go, always on the take. It's just a character that I know. I know so well growing up in Compton."

Kemp also sits down with 50 and discusses the performance that Kendrick gives on the episode. "Performace wise, when you see what he did, you know that he really worked on it," stated 50. "It's like 'how the fuck did you get your eye to move like that.' Like his eye is like bugging at the same time he's sitting there looking," continued 50 before Kemp interrupted him. "It's so crazy," she exclaimed. Check out the interviews, Via Complex, here.