Kendrick Lamar appears to be working on a new music video, as new clips have surfaced that show the rapper suspended over the ocean performing his own stunts. Yesterday, pictures appeared online of the rapper using a phone booth in downtown Los Angeles, as well.

Kendrick Lamar, Music VideoSantiago Bluguermann / Getty Images

The video in question shows Kendrick, suspended by a crane over the ocean, rocking a fully white outfit. In Yesterday's images, Kendrick could be seen in a white sweatshirt and yellow shorts sitting next to a phone booth. 

While no official news of a fifth studio album for Kendrick has been announced, he is currently working on something. Thundercat recently mentioned that he was called in to work on a new project: "When I was working with Kendrick, I was excited. Some of my favorite moments recording were spent with Kendrick... I think I worked on the new [album] a little bit too." Thundercat has credits on all of Kendrick Lamar's last three studio albums.

Kendrick most recently was featured for a Nike ad, celebrating the birthday of the late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant: "Kobe taught us to be better, better leader, better generation, better nation," he says. "Just be better. Can you do that? ... Better me, better you, better us."

Check out the behind the scenes footage of what may be Kendrick's next music video below.