Kendrick Lamar: International superstar, multi-platinum recording artist, one of the most well-known rappers in the world and now, the answer to a trivia question on Jeopardy! It was only a matter of time before King Kendrick would start popping up in trivia questions. With his triumphant success curating the Black Panther movie soundtrack, his ultra profitable albums and his status atop an exclusive list of the top rappers in the game right now, K-Dot has come through in a big way the last few years. Apparently, his fame has not yet caught wind of those participating on the Jeopardy! game show last night as they flunked a Kendrick-related question in a big way.

To readers of our website, the question is likely an incredibly easy one, centering on singles and tracks that appear on Kendrick's most recent solo effort DAMN. The $2000 question to the "Recent R&B and Hip-Hop Hits" category on last night's episode referenced the most commercially popular cuts from the album, including "DNA.," "HUMBLE.," and "LOVE.," stumping the contestants to the point where they had no clue of what the answer could be. The reigning winner of the show comically shook his head, likely regretting his choice of question.

It's always fun when Jeopardy! includes categories about hip-hop and its surrounding culture, usually because those are the only answers we can confidently get, but mostly so we can see people's reactions when they don't know how to solve questions that seem so obvious to us.