Yesterday was a wild day in the NBA as the Milwaukee Bucks looked to stay in the playoffs against the Miami Heat. Coming into this game, the Bucks were down 3-0 in the series which meant a loss would eliminate them. To make matters that much more difficult, the team's superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, came into the match with an injured angle and many were unsure how the Bucks would be able to keep up with the surging heat. At one point in the game, Giannis aggravated his ankle and was quickly taken out of the game.

From there, Khris Middleton took over and pulled off a stunning win over the Heat. This performance has led to plenty of hot takes, including from the likes of Kendrick Perkins who let his feelings about the Bucks be known on First Take today. In fact, Perkins said the Bucks offense is better with Giannis off of the court as there is a lot more ball movement and chemistry between the guys on the floor.

Perkins isn't the only analyst who has felt this way as of late, although Stephen A. Smith wasn't exactly convinced. Smith countered Perkins by noting that if Giannis started passing the ball a bit more, the Bucks would be back to their pre-bubble chemistry.

Regardless, 3-0 comebacks are unprecedented in the NBA, which means the Bucks have a lot of work to do, no matter who is in the rotation.