Spike Lee has been one of the biggest fans of the New York Knicks over the last few decades even though they haven't really given him very much to cheer about. The Knicks have been an abysmal franchise for many years now and it's quite clear that they won't be getting any better any time soon. Despite Lee's fandom, the Knicks don't seem to value him as a spectator. For instance, last night saw a strange debacle between Lee and security. After being denied entrance through an employee door, Lee went on a tirade before going to his seat another way. Today on First Take, Lee went off on the Knicks and said that Owner James Dolan was harassing him.

Kendrick Perkins has been very critical of the Knicks over the last few years and today, he shared support for Lee on Twitter. He even snapped a pic with the legendary director while in the green room at ESPN.

"When will James Dolan get it? We don’t need the whole story before judging! When you have a reputation of mishandling people that represent the culture of NY basketball, like Charles Oakley — Spike Lee should never have a problem at the Garden. He is the Knicks. It’s inexcusable!" Perkins wrote.

For now, it seems like people are heavily on Lee's side as the Knicks have completely obliterated any chance they have of ever getting the benefit of the doubt again.