"THAT MUSLIM HOLLER MONKEY HAS BEEN EVICTED....NOW HIM AND HIS SHEMALE NEED TO GET GONE," wrote a sheriff's deputy in Boyd County, Kentucky in a Facebook comment that was posted around the time of President Trump's inauguration. 

The Boyd County Sheriff's Department in Catlettsburg, KY confirmed to local news station WSAZ that the offensive comment was written by one of its officers. The officer in question has been given a 24-day suspension without pay, which is the department's maximum punishment regarding such infractions, reports WSAZ. 

According to 13 News WOWK, the officer's words were directed at President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Though the offending officer was not named by the department, there were witnesses who obtained evidence of the racist remarks via a screenshot that also shows his full name. Other screenshots taken from his profile, which has since been deleted, reveal other racist and Islamophobic posts.

The officer's suspension began on Jan. 25, according to the department's press release.

There are those who feel that a man with such viewpoints and entrenched prejudices should not be allowed to carry out the full force of the law, or to yield the lethal weapons given to persons entrusted with such authority. Call 606-739-5135 to share your thoughts with the Boyd County department on whether you think this officer should be able to patrol the streets once his suspension is finished later this month.