At this point in the digital era, celebrities can expect to receive some criticism for doing...anything, really. Some forms of negativity still come as a slight surprise, especially when it comes to the public figures' children and the relationship they have with their famous parents. Brooklyn Doris Daily, the 6-month-old daughter of Kenya Moore, is currently at the center of one of these virtual situations. The proud mom shared a picture of herself kissing her darling baby. Comments, both positive and negative flooded her feed.

She captioned the post with love: "May God bless you and may all your heart’s desires come true. I never gave up, kept praying and believing in God’s plan for my life. Stay prayerful He has your back. ❤️ "

One of her naysayers was keyboard happy enough to type up the following: “Of course, she was going to share it today. Queen of shade. But seriously, Kenya doesn’t hold her underneath her armpits. She’s just a bundle of soft tissue and can become QUITE sore from all the manipulation of being constantly picked up and held/dangled in the air by her armpits. People, please stop kissing babies in the face. The amount of germs that we have on us is crazy.”

This criticism comes after Gabrielle Union's similar experience. People will, hopefully, let parents show affection to their children in peace from here.