Keri Hilson's debut album, In A Perfect World... (2009), spawned a new R&B starlet that would land her first-ever studio album at the number four spot on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. With multiple hit singles like "Turnin' Me On," "I Like," and more, the Decatur, GA-bred singer/songwriter was nominated for two Grammys upon her entry into the music industry. Unfortunately, multiple bouts of depression caused her to take a nearly decade long hiatus from the limelight before she revealed she's working on new music in 2018. It's been two years since that revelation as she's experienced multiple obstacles obstructing her from creating a release-worthy project including the death of her father and failed business relationships. However, with social media being as draining and negative as ever, certain individuals tend to fancy reminding Keri Hilson of her musical pitfalls. 

Under one of her recent Instagram posts, Hilson displayed a level of transparency and vulnerability many artists tend to distance themselves from. The "Covers Blown" singer admitted to going through the ups-and-downs of life and not being completely in control of her current circumstances. One of Hilson's bozo followers left a distasteful comment of her glowing selfie stating:

"Your career over with, you ain't have a hit in (nine) years, you washed up."

To which the award-winning songstress clapped-back replying:

"Chiiile, I KNOW! You're probably trying to hurt my feelings w/ that but I've long accepted I'm in that category... for now. But lemme correct you here: I haven't 'had a hit' because I haven't put out ANYTHING, not because I put out flops. And my career is far from over. I do hope you stay tuned this year."

With major personalities like Jennifer Lopez, Dave Chappelle, and more currently on their second act, there's no reason to count someone as musically talented and aesthetically pleasing as Keri Hilson out. It's a new year and decade, the possibilities are endless for Keri Hilson to reemerge as an OG in this new renaissance era of R&B with a plethora of individual personalities that have all made lanes for themselves in their own unique way.

This isn't the first time that Keri Hilson has had to check a "fan" and it won't be the last. Check out Ms. Hilson's epic clap-back in the Instagram post provided below.