Keri Hilson's insights about life are often made available to her fans through her social media platforms. Her latest message addressed the importance of taking action, although some might preach that the key to success is a patience.

 "I’ve learned that God responds to my action over my waiting…. There is no fear. Whatever direction I take, He will either protect me w/ divine correction or provide the tools to finish…"

She uploaded a screenshot of the tweet to Instagram adding, "moral of the story? Just move… And sometimes the 'tools' are people."

A social media user took this message as an opportunity to insult the songwriter. They called her a "has" been after telling her to "shut up and sit down." Hilson remained humble in her response while acknowledging the challenges she overcame. She claims to be "happy as a lark," grounded yet beautiful in its song whittled with each flight. She concludes her response by giving credit to God for the impending favor in her life. 

"I'm sorry this is your only definition of success, but my grandkids straight. I've overcome mountains and broken family curses."

Some of her naysayers may not realize that Keri Hilson's career extends past being a recording and performing artist. The entertainer has also ventured into acting with her appearances in feature films such as Think Like A Man. Her songwriting for other artists alone is an achievement in itself and the source of a healthy income.