A koala poops about two-hundred times a day so, if you plan on carrying one during your next visit to Australia, you better be ready for the possible consequences. Keri Hilson is currently spending time Down Under and during her stay, she decided to visit a koala sanctuary where she could interact with the adorable little animals. She appeared to be excited to carry around one of the marsupials when the animal's handler placed him in her arms but shortly after taking some photos with the koala, Hilson realized that it may not have been the best idea.

"Is he pooping? Why do I feel it on my leg?" asked the recording artist in a sudden panic, half-laughing and half-freaking out over it. The zookeeper then told Keri that it's very possible that the koala needed to drop a deuce, explaining that they go around two-hundred times every day. That's when she got completely grossed out and handed him back over to the woman in charge.

After questioning where his butt is and wiping off her hands, Hilson checked her outfit to make sure there were no stains. "It didn't fall on me, did it?" she asked. "I felt the anal contractions."

Still, she had an amazing time, posting the videos and photos to her social media account and laughing along with her fans.

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