Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors didn't appear to be on the best of terms this past season, especially with his free agency decision hanging in the balance. In the end, Durant ended up leaving the team and joined the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kyrie Irving. There have been some rumblings as to why KD left the Warriors, although the man with the most insight is Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports who got to sit down with Durant for a 1-on-1 interview. During an appearance on FS1's The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Haynes spoke about the interview and gave some inside info on Durant's mentality after getting into an argument with Draymond Green.

“There was a point with Kevin Durant when he just stopped talking to his teammates,” Haynes said. “He was really on an island and didn’t have somebody that he was close with on that team. The only person he was close with was Quinn Cook, because they’re from the same area. But Quinn is a younger guy that doesn’t have much clout within the franchise.”

Durant was worried about leading his teammates on and divulging too much information to the media, which is what ultimately led to his radio silence.

“After the Draymond stuff went down and then the New York Knicks chatter started going haywire, Durant just stopped talking,” Haynes said. “He felt like if he said something, it would give a lot of credence to people saying he’s only thinking about free agency. You would see Durant leaving the arena by himself and entering the arena by himself and really not speaking to anyone.”

This latest news isn't too surprising, although it's interesting to see it vocalized by someone so close to the situation.