With the Olympics underway, the United States Men's Olympic Basketball Team is gearing up for what should be a very interesting tournament. After struggling at times in their exhibition games, fans are worried about whether or not this Kevin Durant-led team can go all the way and win the gold medal. The United States has the vast majority of the NBA talent in the tournament, and they are fully expected to deliver once they get to Tokyo.

In practice, the team has been keeping things light-hearted and as they build chemistry, they seem to have grown more comfortable with one another. Perhaps the best example of this came recently when Kevin Durant proceeded to call out Bam Adebayo on Twitter after he broke an unwritten basketball rule. In the clip below, you can see Adebayo steal Durant's ball after KD drained a corner three. If you've played basketball, you know that you're not supposed to take someone else's ball.

"Dog seen me knock down the corner three and proceeds to work on his ball handling with the ball I green bean’d wit. Bro gotta learn some respect @Bam1of1," Durant wrote. Adebayo wasn't going to go down without a fight, however, as he clapped back on his own Twitter saying "Stop Lying @KDTrey5You Saw @Dame_Lillard Take Your Rock. You Just Tried To Little Bro Me."

Of course, the two stars were simply joking around with one another and we doubt either of them actually cares deeply about the topic. Both of these men are a major part of the United States' starting lineup, and with the round-robin starting soon, it will be fun to see how these two develop as teammates.

Kevin Durant

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images