It's bad enough Kevin Durant spent the majority of the offseason emasculating the rest of the NBA, before and after the Warriors' signing of DeMarcus Cousins. KD has taken to belittling his opponents during the course of the NBA season. Last night, the Warriors cruised to an effortless victory over the outmatched Washington Wizards. With 9:20 left in the final quarter, Durant motioned to the bench after coming away with an easy flush at the rim. His request: “Sub me out. I don’t wanna play no more, man.. They (The Wizards) are weak," he can be heard saying.

The Golden State Warriors built an insurmountable lead the Wizards were hard-pressed to match, largely off the back of a historic 51-point from Durant's co-MVP hopeful Steph Curry. The chef was abetted by KD's 30 points and Klay Thompson's economic 19 points in 30 minutes of action. 

What makes Kevin Durant's boastful tirade all the more biting is that he hails from the close whereabouts, and was actually born in Washington, DC, before moving to Prince George's County as a youngster. Durant, who only missed 5 shot attempts on the night, has had to contend with persistent rumors of a Washington-area homecoming all throughout his career. KD is an unrestricted free agent at years end.