It's been four years since Kevin Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City to join the Golden State Warriors, and fans are still broken up about it. Of course, at the time, Durant's move was seen as extremely weak considering the Warriors had just come off of a season in which they won 73 games. Regardless, KD went to Oakland and was able to win two-straight championships while also adding a third NBA Finals appearance, which ultimately ended in 6 games at the hands of the Toronto Raptors.

Today marked the 4-year anniversary of Durant's decision and a random fan on Twitter decided to call him out for being a "fuccboi." As you can imagine, Durant didn't skip a beat here and made sure to reply to the fan with a hilarious image. Durant has certainly dealt with these kinds of fans before, and at this point, he knows how to deal with their immaturity.

Back in 2017, after winning his first title, Durant was caught with a burner account, although he has since retired this strategy and has exchanged it with a much more direct approach. Admittedly, Durant's antics on social media have been a ton of fun to watch, and we can't wait to see him bring this energy to the court.