Kevin Durant is one of the biggest names in the NBA and whenever there is a big story involving him, you can be sure that journalists like Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski will be rushing to get the story out first. Sometimes, Shams wins, and other times, it's Woj that gets the victory. Regardless, both journalists are incredibly fast when it comes to getting scoops, and for players like KD, this can be incredibly jarring.

While speaking on his The ETCs podcast, Durant recalled the events of the past weekend, when he was taken out of a game early because of COVID protocols. As Durant described, he has no idea how Charania was able to get the details out so quick, and even jokingly referred to the reporter as a creep. He also talked about Charania breaking Donald Trump's COVID diagnosis, which is a scoop no one saw coming.

Kevin Durant

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Per KD:

“Shams a creep, yo! I remember Shams — Shams now, you never know where he is, yo, cause you can wear a mask now. This motherf*cker’s probably outside the house. But Shams, I don’t know how he gets this info, but he, I mean, he said I was in the car with no mask and we went back-and-forth, back-and-forth, and I was like, sh*t.

“That’s some crazy news to break, Shams. That’s crazy news to break, man, when you’ve been doing the Draft for the last 5 years. He goes smack to the White House. … He’s some type of Central Intelligence, bro. He’s got something at the crib, gadgets. His basement is full of sh*t. This man is locked in, with all respect.”

Many players throughout the league have revealed that they learned about their trades through Charania's tweets, which just goes to show how locked in the reporter is throughout the league. His connections run deep, and you can't help but salute the hustle.

Kevin Durant

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