During the first round of the NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers were embroiled in a pretty intense six-game series. In the end, the Warriors won the series and were carried at times by Kevin Durant who is currently averaging 35.6 points per game in the playoffs. Quite simply, Durant has been a beast and no NBA defense has been able to stop him so far.

In that first-round series, Durant was rendered frustrated at times due to the staunch, in-your-face defending of Patrick Beverley. The two had a bit of a beef all series long, with Durant getting the best of Beverley in the end. Recently, Beverley went on NBA TV and spoke about what it was like defending Durant. As Beverley explains, there isn't anyone in the league as good as Durant.

"I've guarded a lot of people," Beverley said. "I went home and I told my friends, 'He is the best player in the NBA hands down. It's not even close.' He saw something and he went at it every single time. That's a killer mindset."

Durant and the Warriors are currently playing the Houston Rockets in the second-round and the series is tied 2-2.