After becoming the first NBA baller to lace up in the "Blush" Yeezy 500s, had to make his stylistic choice known to the internet. That didn't sit well with some of his teammates who couldn't help but make a joke in return. The instagram post, pictured below, was easy fodder for known troll Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant's reaction was simple and sweet. He posted a nausea greenface emoji nestled between all the positivity. This isn't the first time that Kevin Durant has trolled one of his teammates. Last september, KD roasted teammate Steph Curry for donning an unbelievably ugly pair of Under Armor trainers. Although in that instance, real sentiments were exchanged, and cooler heads had prevailed. Some NBA players are more fortunate than others, when it comes to sneaker sponsorship and in-house design. 

Durant scored 22 to Young's meager 3. Although Swaggy P only received 15 minutes of playing time, its easy to discern a lesson here: "substance trumping style, as a meter of function."

image via Nick Young