Kevin Durant, like many NBA stars both past and present, loves to get in the studio whenever he's not working on his game, or roasting trolls on the internet. During the NBA lockout in 2011, Durant even collaborated with LeBron James on a track that leaked to the public in 2018. As it turns out, LeBron is far from the only NBA star that KD has hopped in the booth with. 

Kevin Durant

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

During his interview with Taylor Rooks as part of the new season of Take It There," Durant revealed that he has recorded tons of songs over the years, many featuring other NBA players. Durant explains:

"That's a huge hobby. It's underrated how many guys have their own in-home studio as basketball players. I go to some big studios sometimes, but most of the time I'm just in the house creating stuff and having people come over." 

"When we was in - I want to say 2014 - me and DeMar got in the studio in Vegas. Me, DeMar and Rudy Gay."

KD went on to confirm that he also has tracks with LeBron and Stephen Jackson, as well as fellow Texas Longhorns alum Myck Kabongo, and many others. Unfortunately, it seems like all of those songs will stay under wraps despite Rooks' investigative work.

Check out a clip from the interview below, and click here to see Durant's Top 5 NBA highlight reels that he'd want to watch forever.