The Golden State Warriors are prepared to offer Kevin Durant a max contract once he officially becomes a free agent, but even if he signs it doesn't necessarily guarantee he'll be a Warrior for the long haul.

Durant, who will likely miss the entire 2019-20 season as a result of his ruptured achilles, is eligible to sign a five-year deal with Golden State worth approximately $221 million, while hopeful suitors like the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks can offer $164M over four years. However, there's a way Durant can still land in New York, or elsewhere, without having to give up that extra $57M - and it looks like the Warriors could be willing to play ball.

During an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up on Thursday, Brian Windhorst described how the Warriors have discussed the possibility of re-signing Durant to a five-year max contract and later trading him to one of his preferred destinations. 

Says Windhorst (h/t Dime):

“One of the things that is being discussed right now is that the Golden State Warriors would offer Kevin Durant a five-year contract, $57 million extra than he could get signing elsewhere, let him rehab and then work with him to be traded,” Windhorst said. “Potentially to New York, potentially to somewhere else. It would be their way to sort of take care of him monetarily after what he just went through and also protect the franchise and get some assets.”