After a week-long break thanks to the All-Star Game, the Golden State Warriors took on the Sacramento Kings on Thursday night. The Kings gave the Warriors a run for their money, but in the end, the Warriors did what they always do and were able to figure it out, winning the game by a score of 125-123. While the Warriors were happy that they won, star player Kevin Durant explained how he's impressed by the Kings and how they're becoming a team that will be hard to play against in the future.

"I like how fast they play," Durant said according to ESPN. "They shoot a lot of 3s. Buddy Hield's creeping up into that dead-eye shooter range. Because you feel like you can't leave him open, he's going to knock down every one of them. You got Marvin Bagley, athleticism back there. All three of the young guys got energy. [Willie Cauley-]Stein and Harry Giles. So they're just lacking experience in my opinion. I think they're going to be one of those teams to be reckoned with soon."

Durant also talked about how the Warriors weren't good enough for many stretches of the game but were still able to get it done. 

"That's the fourth game that we deserved to lose against this team," Durant explained. "But [we] just figure it out at the end of the games. ... Sometimes you're not going to win it with the team game and the way we always play. Sometimes you're just going to have to play streetball, you know what I'm saying? I think tonight, throughout spurts of the game, both teams did that."

The Warriors improved their record to 42-16 and are currently ranked first in the Western Conference.