The Golden State Warriors have won two championships in a row and are the favorite to take the trophy home this year as well. The stacked team of All-Stars are expected to smash all competition, and that's why fans all over the NBA were shocked when the Dallas Mavericks absolutely smacked Golden State on Saturday (March 23). The defending champs loss to the Mavericks while at home in Oakland 126-91. The 35-point loss is Golden State's worst loss since Steve Kerr became the head coach in 2014, and the team's biggest overall loss since 2007. When asked about the game by ESPN, Kerr stated, "Defensively, we were not connected. We weren't talking, and we got off to that slow start. And Dallas is always a hard team to guard -- they execute well, and I think they made 12 3s in the first half, 21 for the game. A lot of miscommunication -- but we just couldn't pull together after that slow start, and we never could get any traction in the game. So, we just got to flush this one down the toilet and move on to tomorrow. Not much else to do." It's weird to hear the Golden State coach talk about the difficulty of playing against a team that drained a flurry of threes.

Kevin Durant wasn't very concerned about the loss though. Speaking with ESPN, Durant stated, "It's not odd at all. I think everybody in that locker room has gotten their asses beat at home before. I know this experience is different, how much winning we've done the last few years. But we're still in the NBA; guys have been a part of terrible games, along with the great games, as well. The good thing about it, we play tomorrow night too." Is it the end of a dynasty? We don't think so.