Kevin Gates has been through a lot in his lifetime. The man is constantly in and out of jail, being targeted for multiple reasons. We were looking forward to Gates' interview with Sway for a few reasons, mostly because we haven't necessarily heard much from him since he was released from prison this year. He's bound to open up a lot in the upcoming four-part interview and he's already started in the first section, going into detail on his time spent in prison and, especially, why he pled guilty for the charge when he knew he was innocent.

Around eleven minutes through, Gates speaks to Sway about pleading guilty to a charge he knew he didn't commit. He said, "They allegedly say I got caught with a firearm. I was innocent but I pled guilty to that charge because I was like you know, a lot of times you can beat the charge." He notes that if he hadn't pled guilty, he probably would have been stuck fighting the charge for an additional 3-4 years. In his mind, it was easier just to do the time and let it be afterwards.

Kevin was criticized last week for comments he made during this interview, saying that "rehab is for quitters." He clarified what he meant during this section, saying that you can't just replace bad habits with nothing. They need to be replaced with good habits. After trying every drug out there, Kevin revealed that he's living a healthy lifestyle now to combat his bad habits. He eats once per day (which seems a little crazy) and works out twice daily. 

Watch the full interview below and stay tuned for the upcoming parts.