Kevin Gates is now becoming more known for his social media shenanigans than his prolific output of excellent mixtapes, and some footage from a concert in Flint, Michigan Sunday night doesn't help his case. 

At around 11 seconds in, we see Gates throw his arm at a woman, who appeared to be grabbing at him from the front row, though it's unclear if any physical contact was made. Seconds later, security steps in behind Gates, obscuring our view from the altercation, though it's clear there are multiple people involved. Around the 38 second mark, security finally pulls Gates out of the scuffle, and, as you can see, he continues to perform as if nothing happened. 

Then, after things had seemingly cooled down, we see Gates make another lunge at a woman (1:06), though this second altercation didn't go farther than that. The footage is indeed troubling, though we hope no actual physical contact was made with either woman. 

Watch the video below, via TMZ, who tells us that no cops were called during the show.