Kevin Gates has been releasing a ton of music in recent times. It seems like after an incredibly brief break from releasing solo music, he's back in action with a new album in the pipeline. Unfortunately, even with the release of new music, Kevin Gates found himself stirring up some drama on the 'Gram after going on a full-blown rant targeting an unnamed individual.

"He wants you to think different of me, you stupid mothafucka. Yo hoe control you, you bitch," he said during his live stream. His wife, Dreka, was seated next to him seemingly trying to get him off of the Live. "Yeah, play with my lil son," Gates repeated as Dreka revealed that a new album was on the way. "Aye, baby. Forgive me. I ain't even like that in real life," he said in a calming tone. "I'm pussy, you heard me? Bitch ass n***a talkin' that gangsta sh*t -- aye," he continued as Dreka attempted to reach for the phone, presumably.

"Aye, when you came to be a monster but I know what you are. We did a video in Washington and you didn't get our the car," Gates said. 

Immediately after, many believed that Kevin Gates was referring to NBA Youngboy after the video emerged. The two have had an interesting past, having collaborated on a joint project together before a falling out occurred. Gates even has NBA Youngboy's face tatted on him. 

What do you think? Is Kevin Gates firing shots at NBA Youngboy or is it a reach? Sound off in the comments.