Not one to hold back from sharing his true thoughts, Kevin Gates went off-off on a fan who told him he "looks like a whole female" during a recent Instagram Live session.

If you're familiar with the superstar rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you know that he rarely feels the need to filter himself. In his songs, he's always speaking explicitly about his bedroom activities with his wife Dreka, and on social media, he's quick to respond to some of his critics, most recently laughing off a fan who brought up his flawed relationship with Youngboy Never Broke Again, who Gates actually has a tattoo of.

But the NBA Youngboy smoke wasn't the only thing that he addressed over the weekend. In another live-stream, Gates was speaking to his followers when someone spam-commented that he looked like a woman. He took the time to clap back.

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

"You say I look like a whole female? That's cool," said the rapper politely. "I do look like my mom, I ain't gone lie. I look like my dad also but I'll take that. I ain't doing no trippin'."

Out of absolutely nowhere though, his entire demeanor changed. His polite tone turned to a menacing one.

"I'll make your bitch c*m. I'll make your bitch c*m. You better leave me alone," said Gates suddenly. "I'm grown. I'll fly your bitch out the country and stick my whole tongue in her ass, man. Boy, you better leave me alone. Dreka gone hold the camera. And you know I make noise when-- Your bitch'll tell you, 'you don't lick ass, Kevin, you eat ass.' Yeah, I sure do. I eat pussy so good. I swear to god, boy, you better leave me alone."

He then burst into laughter, reminding his fans that he can still be ignant when he wants to be. "Don't get it fucked up," he said.

It's crazy how his whole tone switched up though. Watch above.