Louisiana rapper, Kevin Gates, has filed a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction against his parole officer so he can continue to work as a touring artist. 

After serving nine months of a 30-month sentence, Gates was freed from an Illinois state prison back in January, and has since been under strict probation, being unable to possess firearms. Additionally, Gate's probation has put limits on his ability to travel, which is why Gates is seeking freedom from his parole officer. 

According to The Source, Gate's probation officer, Ned Swartz, has denied all of Gate's requests to travel for the next couple of months, and has only ever allowed Gates to travel twice since the start of his probation. This has affected Gate's ability to pursue his career and perform at shows, but has also prevented him from being able to see his children. Gate's alleges that he has followed all of the restrictions placed upon him thus far, and is therefore being treated unfairly by his parole officer. 

Gate's being denied travel will affect several upcoming performances, including shows at Rolling Loud and the JMBLYA festival in May, the Common Ground Festival, and a performance at the 2018 BET Awards. 

Touring is typically a musician's main source of revenue, so Gate's inability to perform at concerts and make money will obviously affect his bottom line. Hopefully Gate's lawsuit is successful so his fans wont have to miss him perform at his upcoming shows. We'll update you with any further news on this story.