Kevin Gates has been one of the funniest artists in hip-hop over the years as he is always unapologetically himself. No matter the situation, Gates has no shame in admitting what he gets up to in his personal life, even if some fans are disturbed by his admissions. Regardless of the reactions he receives, Gates continues to march on with his eclectic brand of individualism. Sometimes, Gates will even take to Instagram live, where he interacts with his fans and gives them some insights into his life.

Recently, Gates was in the midst of one of those aforementioned IG live sessions and allowed fans to share the air with him. One of the fans that called in was fairly unruly as he began claiming that Gates was going to get beaten up. Eventually, Gates asks who would do such a thing, which leads to the fan saying "NBA YoungBoy."

Gates immediately replies by saying “please don’t hurt me” all while laughing off the fan with a big smile on his face. The artist then ended the call noting that he was scared although the tone was clearly sarcastic. In the past, Gates and YB have been cool, especially with Gates getting a tattoo of the 21-year-old rapper. Over the past year, however, it seems like their relationship has worsened, especially with Quando Rondo dissing Gates a couple of years ago.

Despite all of this, it's clear Gates is in good spirits and doesn't seem all that fazed by the antics portrayed by the fan in question.

Kevin Gates

Paras Griffin/Getty Images