Today is Monday and that means back to school, work or whatever commitments you may have. It can be a little tough to get through the day and a lot of the time, memes can give you enough courage to power through a little longer. When Kevin Gates visited an amusement park with his family, he likely wasn't thinking that he would go viral by the end of the visit but the Louisiana rapper's facial expression on a roller-coaster is so funny that he has the potential to become a meme.

Gates performed in the Bay Area during Rolling Loud weekend and after he got back from the short trip, he and his family decided to hit up Disneyland. Kevin's wife Dreka and their two children Islah and Khaza looked to be having a thrilling time on one of the rides but Kevin and his assistant Danny were really just chilling out. Danny has a smile on his face as he lounges back during one of the steep sections and Kevin looks as unconcerned as ever. Keep in mind he's been in some pretty rough situations in his lifetime so a roller-coaster is nothing to him.

Dreka posted the photo to her Instagram and commenters are predicting that the shot will soon blow up. We're in agreeance as it has all the makings of a relatable & meme-worthy photo. Check it out.