It looks like one of the more respected rappers in recent years could be a free man was sooner than previously expected.

Kevin Gates, who dropped By Any Means 2 while still behind bars, has had his projected parole date update on the Illinois Department of Corrections website and it says that the emcee could be out of prison as early as January 10th of 2018, so basically in a couple of weeks. You can check out all the pertinent details below.

While there's no guarantee of his parole being granted at this point, since the rapper will have to go through due process and convince those at the hearing of the decision's merit, the timeline has accelerated greatly since Gates was sentenced last year. As you can see on the information sheet, his entire jail term would've carried him to the same time in 2019, so he's getting out a good year and a bit in advance. It's even better than optimistic projections were back in May, which had Gates recapturing his freedom in June of 2018.

Known for his lyrical prowess and a fan base that had supported him through thick and thin, there's little doubt that Kevin Gates will land on his feet career-wise when his prison term is behind him. That being said, the rough-hewn wordsmith will big expectations riding on any future material, especially that first day out track. 

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