Apparently Kevin Gates' cousin has "the pussy good."

If you follow Kevin Gates on Instagram, you know the dude posts a lot of videos. Often times, it's just Gates chilling in the studio, spitting a few bars, or generally saying what's up. Every now and then you get some weird ass shit like this. Gates thought it necessary to blast on Instagram how he's been sleeping with his cousin, and he refuses to stop. Gates says he'd been fucking with her for three months before his grandma told him they were related, and he gives absolutely zero fucks.

In a second video he says,

"So you mean to tell me you been fucking with someone for three months, ya heard me, everything beautiful, and your grandma come tell you one day you know that's your cousin? Y'all got the hard part out the way, why fuck up a good thing?"


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Kevin Gates Says He Won't Stop Sleeping With His Cousin