As Chicago rappers continue trying to sway Tekashi 6ix9ine to take another trip to the city, it looks like they may not be alone in requesting his presence.

Following his flight from New York to Los Angeles, it looks like Kevin Gates may want to have a word with Tekashi 6ix9ine, with many people believing that the Baton Rouge rapper is trolling the self-proclaimed King of New York by sharing his location on IG.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

"I'm in D.C. right now. Ay, I love you," said Kevin Gates, dropping a pin on his Instagram Story. "Ay, let me see you do it by yourself."

The "by yourself" comment is what has people thinking he's referring to 6ix9ine, who is famously rolling around with dozens of security guards surrounding him. Also, considering the two have had problems in the past, it wouldn't be all too surprising.

That wasn't all though. After leaving D.C., he updated his location and asked, once again, for the mystery man to pull up.

"I'm on my way to Baltimore right now," said Gates. "Yeah, I'm going to see my people. My real people. I love y'all. You heard? I'm gone. Let me see you do it by yourself, ay, carry on."

The fact that Kevin Gates is out here flexing that he's all by himself as he's traveling is great... until one of his opps catches wind of the comments and does something. Hopefully, Gates stops sharing his location because it's just not safe out here.