Kevin Gates's approach to parenting is likely regarded as unconventional to some. Though the rapper has proudly shown off his family on social media, in his music, and even at his concerts, he's never been one to shy away from providing fatherly advice to his youngins in front of the world. Most recently, the Louisiana rapper was on IG Live with his friend and his kid when a fan confused his son for a girl. 

"That's not no -- aye, somebody on here said, 'she's so cute.' Tell 'em what you is," Gates said during the live session. That's when his son, looking mildly uncomfortable, stared into the camera. "Tell 'em," Gates said with encouragement. 

"A boy," his son replied."

"Tell 'em what you got," Gates continued. That's when his son looked like reluctant to say what he had to say as if there was a possibility he'll get in trouble afterward.

"A big dick," he responded as Gates and his friend chuckled.

"One time a dude say, 'Aw, she's so cute.' And he kinda got offended about it and started getting upset," Gates explained. "I said, 'Man, don't do that no more. If a n***a say you look like a girl, tell 'em no you ain't no girl.' Tell 'em you got a big dick."

And there you have it, parenting 101 with Kevin Gates