Jordan Peele's reboot of The Twilight Zone is quite an exciting thing since any project being helmed with the inclusion of Jordan means it's bound to be good. Coming off his Us theatrical debut, Jordan shortly announced the trailer to the new series and already the second episode is arriving tonight. 

While we know the show touches on futuristic and psychological fears, would you believe us if we said rapper Kevin Gates will play a part in the new series? Kevin shared a poster for the show on Instagram letting his fans know that he will very well be apart of the new episode dubbed "Great Man." The details are very hush-hush, but only time will tell what role Kevin will have in the rebooted series' episode. 

It’s safe to keep in mind that Kevin also has a single named “Great Man” so maybe his track will just be featured in the episode.

Jordan previously discussed his hesitations with joining the reboot since his role in the show takes over Rod Serling, the original host of the spooky series. 

“It’s one of these things where it’s terrifying to step into the shoes of such an iconic dude. I mean he’s such a master,” he said. “And I’m thinking as a fan watching the show and it’s like, ‘Is that, is that Key or Peele up there? I don’t know.’ It felt presumptuous.”