Kevin Gates has an expansive vocabulary that was recently put to the test during his visit to Nadeska's Beats1 show. The rapper stepped in for the Newer York spelling challenge where he was asked to spell out several words that he's used in his music in the past. If you're familiar with any of Gates' music, you know that he's on his T.I. vibes when it comes to his vernacular. Unfortunately, it seems like many of the words he uses aren't words that he's not able to spell. Although he nailed 'penitentiary,' he was unable to get the others. In all fairness, Gates did reveal that he speaks three different languages so the way he "spells words is how they sound." 

By the time he was in the second round, he joked that he wouldn't use any more big words that he doesn't know how to spell. "Then Nadeska talkin' 'bout, 'stop using such big words.' I swear, after today, I'm done," he admitted before attempting to spell out 'eczema.' Despite failing to get the majority of the answers correct, he still provided a classic Gates moment on the show filled with humor.

Kevin Gates is about a month and some change removed from the release of his latest project I'm Him. We recently caught up with him for our most recent Digital Cover Story which you can check out here.