While Kevin Hart is all about the jokes, he's also about his fitness. Luckily for him, he's found a way to combine the two together in his YouTube series, What The Fit, and the newest episode stars none other than Chance The Rapper

The concept of the show is basically Kevin and a celebrity guest go off to do sports somewhere. Chance admits from the jump that he's not sporty, saying he's an athletic guy who never bothers to hit the gym. Therefore, Kevin decides that they're going to go and do "beer yoga" instead of any traditional sports. 

"Beer Yoga" is pretty much what it sounds like: a typical yoga class but you do poses with (and drink) a couple of beers as you do it. Chance seems much more interested in the beer portion than the yoga, so before the class begins Kevin and Chance hit the bar for a little pre-drink. While they're there, they play a game that's reserved for only celebrities: seeing which famous people will pick up if you Facetime them out of nowhere. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is apparently not friends with Kevin, as he doesn't pick up. Much the same with Chance and Quavo, though Chance lets slip that Quavo is known to sleep late into the day.

Eventually the yoga class begins, where Kevin appears to have somewhat of a hard time keeping up, with Chance hitting the poses no problem. Check out the whole episode of What The Fit below.