Shaq is a care-free, funny guy but it's completely understandable why he would be intimidating to children. Standing over seven feet tall, weighing over three-hundred pounds, and speaking with an incredibly deep voice, the basketball legend is a big presence, on and off the court.

Given their size difference, Kevin Hart and Shaq have a pretty funny relationship. During a recent FaceTime conversation, the two men organized a friendly bet, with Kevin Hart predicting that his 3-year-old son Kenzo would cry when he sees Shaq on the other line. They wagered a thousand dollars, with the Big Diesel stating that he believes the kid would smile when he shows his pearly whites. Unfortunately, he was on the losing end of the bet.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"If my son cries, I want the money," said Kevin Hart. "We in a pandemic. I need you to send it ASAP." Shaq's conversation with Kenzo started off fine, with the little one happily saluting his father's friend. The big man continued smiling brightly for the camera, but Kevin started egging on his son to cry, which he ended up doing. While it likely had nothing to do with Shaq's demeanor, a bet is a bet and he's got to pay up. He hasn't though, which led Kevin to post the video online.

"@shaq made my son cry and never paid me," wrote the comedian on Instagram. "This is unacceptable."

Do you think Shaq should pay up or was this unfair?