The comedian just wanted to have a bit of fun with his newborn daughter Kaoiri Mari, but the baby's onesie grabbed the attention of critics. Recently, Netflix released Kevin Hart's latest stand-up special Zero F*cks Given, and to celebrate its premiere, Hart shared a photo of Baby Kaori wearing a onesie with the show's name. People were outraged that he used a swear word on his child's clothing, but Kevin couldn't help but laugh at those who spent time commenting on his child's attire.

Kevin Hart uploaded a screenshot of a headline about the controversy and shared a few thoughts. "This is the world that we are currently living*t is funny and sad at the same time," wrote Hart in the caption. "Y’all motha f*cka’s need to grow up and get a hobby. What’s happening out here...once again I could give 'Zero F*cks'......Now go watch my special on NETFLIX 'Zero F*cks Given' .....Stupidity at the highest level. #ComedicRockStarSh*t .....This is why my mindset is what it is in my comedy special said in 'Zero F*cks Given' y’all are THE FEDS."

Aside from the mini-scandal involving his daughter, Hart's Zero F*cks Given has received mixed reviews. Have you checked it out yet?