Joe Budden and his former podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal have had a pretty rocky relationship since it was revealed a few months ago that they were no longer regular hosts of the podcast. They eventually returned for a reunion episode and things seemed to be on good terms at the time. 

Budden has come under intense scrutiny by the public in the days following his hasty firing of Rory and Mal on the spot. He claims that his co-hosts were trying to audit him despite not having any actual ownership of the show, although the duo insists they were trying to ensure they were being paid fairly. Like many other Internet users, Kevin Hart chimed in on the drama, calling Joe Budden "an example of poor leadership," among other things, for his handling of the situation. 

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Hart took some time to air out his feelings regarding the drama on his Straight From The Hart series. "I actually was a supporter of the progression of him and his podcast. From afar. I'm a fan of your growth, I'm a fan of what you're doing and the conversation behind it. It's dope. He's not doing business here, he wants to own it, he wants to control it, that's dope," began Hart.

"But to see you publically sh*t on the guys that was with you, that's an example of poor leadership. That's an example of why you are where you are. This is why. Here's the answer. Point blank," criticized the comedian.

"You wanna be by yourself, you wanna be King. You can't do that. You can't do that. Wealth should be shared, not owned. Facts. So this is a shoutout to Rory and Mal, you guys were dope as f*ck at that job, once again I was a fan of that f*cking podcast. It's a sad day to see this sh*t end when you guys were on your way to what seems to be higher levels of success.

I won't sit up here and promote the negativity, wish there was a world where you could work it out. But you need a good f*cking leader that understands it's not just him. I don't think Joe has that. I also don't like the firing on air," added Hart.

"Well, it's a podcast so it wasn't live, right?" asked another person. "Nah, he was on air and went on a rant and basically told him that because he wasn't there, he was in breach and he was fired as of that moment," explained another. Check out Kevin's full analysis of the situation above.

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